Benefits of NATA

Benefits of NATA

The National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia (NATA) provides a foundation for confidence in Australia's calibration, testing, and inspection activities. NATA technical auditing (accreditation) also underpins the certification of a range of products and services. Comtest is a NATA-accredited testing facility, which provides independent assurance by industry experts of our technical competence for our customers, who require confidence in the delivery of their products and services.

NATA formally recognises that accredited facilities produce reliable and repeatable technical results and reports, which ensure products on the market in Australia are compliant, and ensures Australian consumers are safe. NATA's work increases community confidence and trust in our services, mitigates risk, improves tendering success and facilitates trade.

NATA-accredited testing, performed by a NATA-accredited laboratory (such as Comtest) or an MRA partner laboratory, is the safest way of proving compliance to mandatory and voluntary regulatory requirements. NATA is Australia’s premier independent accreditation organization for third party, internal and public laboratories. NATA has mutual recognition agreements in place with similar organisations, ensuring that endorsed test reports are recognised throughout most of the world. The Australian Communication and Media Authority (ACMA), Australian Electrical Regulators, and most of Australia’s trading partners (including EU countries for CE marking) accept a NATA-endorsed report.

A laboratory can only issue a NATA-endorsed report for testing performed in accordance with their scope of accreditation. That means the laboratory must be assessed by NATA for that specific testing before they can issue endorsed reports for particular products, and ensures testing is performed correctly and reliably.

NATA accredited testing:

    • Provides minimized risks
    • Guarantees reliability, repeatability, and accuracy of results
    • Is less likely to be disputed by regulatory agencies, and
    • Provides full calibration traceability of measurement equipment

Comtest’s NATA endorsed reports give you the highest confidence in technical competency and in the reliability of the test results. Then, with a compliant test report, you can import or export your products, secure in the knowledge that they have been designed and manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the applicable standards.

Click here to view Comtest's Scope of Accreditation for Performance and Approvals Testing on the NATA website.