Compliance Folder Management

Compliance Folder Management

Comtest Laboratories has established an entity called Compliance Folder Management Pty Ltd, which offers complete compliance folder support and training for Australian and International suppliers.

Services include:
  • Acting as an agent for international suppliers with Australian importers
  • Storage and maintenance of folders for importers and international manufacturers
  • Reviewing of compliance folders
  • Consultancy regarding preparation of compliance folders
  • Ongoing folder management support
  • Onsite audit of compliance folders, to identify missing or inadequate compliance documentation
  • Product inspections and ongoing quality assurance assessments
  • Determining ongoing equipment compliance
  • Assisting internet suppliers with compliance, to allow direct internet based sales without an Australian distributor

Reports from Compliance Folder Management can also form part of your ACA audit documentation.

The general requirements for ACMA compliance folders are as follows:
  • Must be compiled and held in Australia by an Australian entity; and
  • Documents must be in English; and
  • Where allowed, may be a reproduction of the original document; and
  • Identify the person who made the document (test reports, ACMA Declaration of Conformity); and
  • Must be retained for 5 years after manufacturer or importer stops supplying the item

For more details for what needs to be included in your product's compliance folder, visit the Compliance Folder Management website or contact us today!