Submitting Samples and Documentation to Comtest

Submitting Samples and Documentation to Comtest

In order to avoid unnecessary delays, please read this guide.

Documentation Requirements

All documentation should be in English.

Circuit diagrams identified by drawing title, model details, drawing number, issue, revision number and date of issue. Copies shall be of high quality and shall clearly indicate component details. These drawings shall be in Adobe PDF form, or printed on A4 / A3 paper. Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Layout(s) dimensioned, identified by part number and issue number.

Operating/installation instructions detailing facilities and steps required to put device into the relevant test modes. These modes are generally not covered in the user handbook.

System block diagram showing all equipment and functional blocks.

Software details including description, release and revision numbers.

Approved component details for items such as line isolation units, power supplies and plug packs. Some of these components are classified as “Prescribed Items” and require separate approval by Australian Energy Authority before being offered for sale in Australia.

Manufacturer’s specifications for safety critical components such as transformers, opto-couplers, varistors, gas arrestors, relays and capacitors forming part of power supplies and/or network interfaces. These specifications are required for the device to be assessed for electrical safety.

Equipment Requirements

Radio Equipment, including cordless and cellular mobile telephones require additional testing. Comtest will co-ordinate the entire testing process.

Plug-in cards such as modems and facsimile modules should include documentation and installation instructions and a host computer if other than IBM compatible PC. Supply of a preconfigured computer is preferred.

Accessories such as line isolation units, line cards, racks and cords required to put the device into the relevant test or operating mode shall be supplied with the device to be tested.

Equipment delivery: Comtest will advise equipment delivery details after processing the acceptance of the cost estimates. Please provide details of how the equipment is to be returned at the customers cost.