Lighting Products

Lighting Products

Are you an importer or wholesaler of lighting products in Australia? Did you know that your products - like all electrical products to be sold on the Australian market - light fixtures, lamps and other luminaires must be tested to the appropriate standards by an accredited test laboratory?

At Comtest, we have recently increased our NATA scope of accreditation and can now offer testing to AS/NZS 60598 on an increased range of lighting products, including light fixtures, recessed light fixtures, portable lamps and other similar prodcuts. Furthermore, lighting products must meet the minimum safety requirements of AS/NZS 3820 and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC). Comtest is also accredited to test to AS/NZS 61347 for lamp control gear such as LED light power supplies, halogen downlight step-down transformers, and other forms of lamp control gear external to the light fitting itself. This also includes control devices such as dimmer switches and wall panels.

Comtest are also accredited to perform the necessary energy efficiency testing for various state government efficiency schemes.

So get in touch with Comtest today, and we can guide you through the compliance maze to help get your lighting product to market with ease!

Some of the testing Comtest does to ensure that your product is not susceptible to energy hazards, fire hazards, mechanical and heat hazards, radiation hazards or chemical hazards, and meets all the relevant requirements for supply or sale in Australia are as follows:

  • Electric Strength
  • SELV, TNV, ELV Identification and Testing
  • Leakage Current
  • Earthing/Bonding
  • Resistance to Fire
  • Fault Protection
  • Protection from Electric Shock
  • Protection from Energy Hazards
  • Physical and Constructive Requirements
  • Creepage and Clearance Measurements
  • Wiring and Connection Requirements
  • Thermal Requirements
  • Impulse Testing