Lighting & Lamp Circuit Power

Lighting & Lamp Circuit Power

Comtest is accredited to test efficiency and energy performance of a variety of lighting types, including Lamp Circuit Power (LCP) testing. Ensure your lighting product meets the relevant requirements by testing with Comtest!

As the availability of electrical energy is becoming limited, governments around the world are implementing energy efficiency and standby power requirements for electrical products. They are also implementing schemes to reduce energy usage. In Australia, these include the Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS), the Victorian Government's VEET scheme (Victorian Energy Efficiency Target), and the NSW ESS IPART (Energy Saving Scheme - Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal).

Comtest can currently supply LCP testing for:

  • GU10 LED Replacements
  • MR16 LED Replacements
  • 36W / 28W 4’ T5 Replacements
  • 58W / 35W 5’ T5 Replacements
  • LED Spotlights
  • LED Tubes
  • LED Flat Panel Replacements
  • LED High Bay Lamps
  • LED Down Lights

LCP testing also incorporates Nominal Lamp Power (NLP) testing, where:
LCP = NLP (power consumed by the lamp) + Control Gear/Luminaire Fitting/Final Luminaire Assembly (i.e. all power consumed, not simply the nominal power consumed by the lamp).

Comtest can also test Voltage Reduction Units (VRUs), which reduce the amount of electrical energy delivered to a lamp once the lighting is turned on, providing energy savings. As part of the Victorian VEET and NSW ESS (IPART) approval process, details of both the technical and the operational characteristics of the VRUs and lighting equipment must be provided. To calculate the benefit, the output voltage and other electrical characteristics of each VRU must to be specified and appropriate evidence must be provided, such as independent testing performed by a NATA laboratory. Comtest is NATA accredited to perform these measurements.