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ACMA Home - The Australian Communications and Media Authority
ACMA - New Single Compliance Mark RCM
ACMA - Report non-compliant or wrongly labelled products
ACMA - Telecommunications Requirements
ACMA - Telecommunications Labelling Notice
ACMA - Disability Telephone Equipment
ACMA - Telecommunications - DECT Devices
ACMA - Telecommunications - DECT Standard
ACMA - EMC Compliance
ACMA - EMC Labelling Notice
ACMA - EMR Labelling Notice 2014
ACMA - Radiocommunications Compliance
ACMA - Radiocommunications Labelling Notice
ACMA - Radiocommunications (Low Interference Potential Devices) Class Licence 2015
ACMA - Agency Agreements
ACMA - C02 Declaration of Conformity


ERAC - EESS - RCM Approvals
RCM Applicants Registration Guide
RCM Responsible Supplier Application Link


Recalls of Unsafe Electrical Products, Non-Compliant Products and Product Failures


ESC VEET - Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) Scheme


Does It Comply? (NECA - Voltimum)


Energy Safe Victoria - Electrical Appliances safety
Vic Approvals Search - ERAC Database
Complaints - Unsafe Appliances or Appliances Lacking Approvals


QLD Approvals Search - ERAC Database
Department of Justice - Queensland Electrical Equipment Approvals


Fair Trading New South Wales
Electrical Safety Approvals - New South Wales
Electrical Approvals Search


Office of the Technical Regulator


Electrical Approvals - Tasmania


Western Australia - Procedural Instructions


Australian Energy Efficiency Requirements for Appliances and Equipment


Medical Equipment - Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)


Communications Alliance


Standards Australia


Australian Industry Group


NATA Australia - Recognised Testing Authority



Telepermit New Zealand - Access Standards


Regulatory Compliance Mark - New Zealand


Radio Spectrum Management: RCM, C-tick & RF


Electrical Equipment Approvals - New Zealand Energy Safety



IECEE - Worldwide System for Conformity Testing and Certification of Electrical Equipment


ETSI Home Page - European Standards


ISO Online - International Organisation for Standardisation


Europa – European Union



ANSI - USA Standards


FCC Home Page - USA Telecommunications, EMC & RF Spectrum Regulator


IEEE Home Page - USA



ITU - International Telecommunication Union