Getting through the Electrical & Telecommunication minefield

Getting through the Electrical & Telecommunication minefield

07 Sept 2015

 Are you a current supplier or looking to supply electric or electronic products onto the Australian market?
 Are you registered with ERAC for the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) as a responsible supplier?
 Do you have an ACMA or ERAC supplier number?
 Do you know that only Australian companies or individuals can register with ERAC?
We have been helping our clients with compliance management issues for years; we offer compliance folder auditing services through to complete registration and management of your compliance folder.
 Did you know that Comtest laboratories also offers product auditing and surveillance services, we can sample test products to ensure their continued compliance and also help you to ensure that what you ordered is what you are receiving.
 We can also assist you in the unfortunate event of customer complaints or product recalls, by conducting part or full product reviews.
 We can supply simple to extensive test reports to meet your requirements.

Did you know that A tick and C tick marking requirements are about to change?
There will soon be only the one Mark - RCM and this will display compliance for electrical safety and ACMA technical standards - that is, for telecommunications, radio communications, EMC, EME and electrical safety.

Call Comtest, we can make the road easier for you

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