More Acoustic Testing Options with Type 3.4 Artificial Ear

More Acoustic Testing Options with Type 3.4 Artificial Ear

15 Oct 2014

Comtest is an industry expert providing assessment and accreditation services, and provides full capability for end-to-end testing and certification of cellular, analogue, digital and VoIP-based telephony products.

Comtest has recently obtained the Type 3.4 artificial ear for use with the HATS (Head and Torso Simulator) to perform sound quality measurements. This new ear gives us an expandable option in acoustic testing, and allows us to cover all areas of telephony audio requirements.

The two main artificial ears used for testing in the industry are the Type 3.4 artificial ear and the Type 3.3 artificial ear, and now we have both, designed specifically for the HATS!

For manufacturers and importers of telephony products requiring acoustic measurements, you can be sure we have all the options for compliance testing. This will ensure that your product will be assessed and certified in the minimum time, allowing you to put it on the market sooner.

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