News Articles

News Articles

Comtest joins forces with 360 Strategy compliance services in Israel.

29 Sept 2016

We are pleased to announce that Comtest laboratories and 360 Strategy (Israel) have formed a co-operation agreement for Compliance services.

Having completed many projects together, it was a natural progression to formalise the arrangements, especially due to the fact that both companies have similar ‘Customer focussed’ business strategies.

We are now able to offer Israel based companies, local ‘on the ground services’ through 360 Strategy.
360 Strategy will assist with product compliance for the Australian market. Equally Comtest can assist Australian based companies with their product compliance for Israel.

Through closer co-operation both companies can now offer customers a faster & more streamlined compliance service.

If you are looking to take your product to or from Israel, please contact us today.

Luminaires - Scope increase

27 Sept 2016


Testing of fixed & portable general purpose lighting and switches

Comtest is pleased to announce an extension of our existing NATA Accreditation - luminaires testing now includes:

1. AS/NZS 60598.1 IEC 60598-1 EN 60598-1 ‘General requirements’ luminaires
2. AS/NZS 60598.2.1 IEC 60598-2-1 EN 60598-2-1 ‘Particular requirements’ Fixed general purpose luminaires
3. AS/NZS 60598.2.2 IEC 60598-2-2EN 60598-2-2 ‘Particular requirements’ Recessed luminaires
4. AS/NZS 60598.2.4 IEC 60598-2-4 EN 60598-2-4 ‘Particular requirements’ Portable general luminaires
5. AS/NZS 60669.1 IEC 60669-1 EN 60598-1 Switches for household & similar fixed electrical installations
6. AS/NZS 60669.2.1 IEC 60669-2-1 EN 60598-2-1 Switches ‘Particular requirements’ Electronic switches
7. AS/NZS 3133 Air break switches

Contact us today if we can assist you with any of your luminaires needs.

Telecommunications testing

17 August 2016

Comtest Laboratories is the only Telecommunications test laboratory of its type in Victoria. If you need assistance with your testing requirements Comtest is Australia's number one.

Testing of Battery Charges for Australian Approvals

06 Jan 2016

Battery Charges are mandated for Australian Approvals and Compliance, for electrical safety, EMC and in many cases energy efficiency.
In particular Battery Charges used with electrical goods(Including Hover-boards), battery powered cycles and toys must meet the full Australian requirements of RCM.

Areas that you need to consider and comply with are:

1. Electrical Safety testing to Australian Standards and requirements.

2. Australian Electrical Approval

3. RCM registration

4. EMC testing

5. ACMA Declaration of Conformity (DOC)

6. MEPS testing

7. MEPS registration

Comtest laboratories are experts in Australian Approvals of Batteries Charges and associated products.

Contact us today to assist you through the 'Mine Field' on 039645 5933 or email

Getting through the Electrical & Telecommunication minefield

07 Sept 2015

 Are you a current supplier or looking to supply electric or electronic products onto the Australian market?
 Are you registered with ERAC for the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) as a responsible supplier?
 Do you have an ACMA or ERAC supplier number?
 Do you know that only Australian companies or individuals can register with ERAC?
We have been helping our clients with compliance management issues for years; we offer compliance folder auditing services through to complete registration and management of your compliance folder.
 Did you know that Comtest laboratories also offers product auditing and surveillance services, we can sample test products to ensure their continued compliance and also help you to ensure that what you ordered is what you are receiving.
 We can also assist you in the unfortunate event of customer complaints or product recalls, by conducting part or full product reviews.
 We can supply simple to extensive test reports to meet your requirements.

Did you know that A tick and C tick marking requirements are about to change?
There will soon be only the one Mark - RCM and this will display compliance for electrical safety and ACMA technical standards - that is, for telecommunications, radio communications, EMC, EME and electrical safety.

Call Comtest, we can make the road easier for you

Please find our youtube animation link below:

RCM transition deadline fast approaching

03 Sept 2015

From 1 March 2016

All suppliers must use the RCM as the compliance label.

Devices that were labelled with the C-Tick or the A-Tick can continue to be supplied until labelled stock has been exhausted.

A small number of suppliers have been previously using the RCM with a SCN as part of the compliance label. These suppliers can continue to label in this manner but must transition to the new arrangements by registration on the database before the end of the transition period.

The following applies to first-time suppliers—those who do not have a supplier code number (SCN).

suppliers must register on the national database.

Suppliers must label with the RCM to indicate compliance with applicable ACMA regulatory arrangements, including all technical and record-keeping requirements.

For all previous ACMA-registered suppliers

The following applies to all suppliers who were issued with a supplier code number (SCN) prior to 1 March 2013:

There is a three-year transition period ending on 29 February 2016

Suppliers can continue to label devices with the C-Tick or A-Tick until the end of the transition period.

Suppliers have until the end of the transition period to register on the national database, once registered they can transition to using the RCM.

Devices labelled with the C-Tick or A-Tick before the end of the transition period will not need to be relabelled.

Comtest are in hot water, testing that is!

1 May 2015

Comtest are in Hot water, testing that is!

Are you an importer or manufacturer of storage water heaters? Do you want to be able to sell your products in Australia? Not sure how to go about it, or what test reports you need?

Fortunately, Comtest are excited to announce that we have further added to our NATA scope of accreditation AS/NZS 60335.2.21 ‘Household and similar electrical appliances’ - Particular requirements for storage water heaters, so we can help!

All electrical products sold or supplied in Australia must be electrically safe as required by the ‘Electrical Safety Regulations’, and meet the requirements of AS/NZS 3820. Normally, a product must meet the applicable relevant Australian Standard, or where no product standard is applicable, AS/NZS 60335.1 and/or AS/NZS 3100 can be used as a basis of assessment to prove a product is safe and complies with the essential requirements of AS/NZS 3820. Comtest is accredited for testing to both these standards, so we have all your requirements covered.

The Electrical Equipment Safety Scheme (EESS) in Australia is enhanced by a pre-market approval scheme applicable to a limited list of approximately fifty “Prescribed / Declared” classes of electrical household type equipment. This list of prescribed / declared electrical equipment has evolved through public and industry consultation over decades to include equipment that presents the greatest potential or actual safety risk. Storage water heaters are deemed to be prescribed / declared electrical household type equipment and must be tested to an applicable Standard.

As part of the testing, Comtest can also provide the appropriate IPX4 testing.

For more information, refer to our Hot Water Testing page, or Contact Us to speak to one of our expert staff today!


New Safety Testing Accreditations!

22 Apr 2015

Comtest are pleased to announce we are now accredited to test Cord Extension Sockets to AS/NZS 3120 and Socket-Outlet Adaptors to AS/NZS 3122.

This covers extension cord sockets, other outlet sockets, and travel adaptors.

Contact us today for assistance testing your product!

Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) Information Forum

20 Feb 2015


The Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) Information Forum The Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) Information Forum was held in Melbourne on Friday the 20th of February, 2015.

It has been 15 months since the last Information Forum on this matter was held and 2015 marks the 7th year since the scheme’s commencement. The scheme faced uncertainty through 2014, however with the change of government the uncertainty seems to be over.

There were several main messages that came out of this forum:

  • Energy and Resources Minister Lily D’Ambrosio announced the continuation of the VEET scheme in December 2014
  • The Minister announced the VEET scheme target for 2015 will be 5.4 million VEECs
  • The Government will review the VEET scheme in the first half of 2015, with a view to strengthening it even further
  • A more proactive approach to ensuring that Accredited Persons (APs) only utilise installers that hold a suitable level of qualification and/or training to complete the task being undertaken
  • Product compliance, a more strenuous approach to the review of product test reports, as there have been some occurrences of test reports being altered. It should be noted: if detected by Essential Services Commission (ESC) the supplier will be removed from the scheme and may be heavily fined

Comtest can provide testing services for Energy Rating (E3), Energy Efficiency, Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) and Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) requirements, including Energy Star testing. We can also provide support for the registration requirements associated with Energy Rating (E3) and Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards (GEMS) processes. With our NATA certified laboratory we are also able to test products for electrical safety, and calibrate a wide range of measurement equipment.

Overview of the VEET Scheme

The Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) scheme is not a rebate scheme, but it can save you or your organisation money. It works by allowing certain businesses, known as Accredited Persons, to create certificates when they help you make selected energy efficiency improvements to your premises, or those of your business/organisation. Each certificate - known as a Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificate or VEEC - represents one tonne of greenhouse gas abated. The money the accredited business makes from selling its certificates can go towards a discount on the product or appliance installed. This discount is known as an Energy Saver Incentive.

When seeking your Energy Saver Incentive, either as a residential or commercial energy consumer, there are a few important points to remember:

  • Only accredited businesses/entities can create VEECs, and only when they provide you with an approved product or appliance.
  • At present, VEECs cannot be created for the installation of ceiling insulation, although under floor insulation is still eligible for the creation of certificates.
  • The value of VEECs, and how much of that value the accredited business decides to pass on to you or your business/organisation, can vary. As with any purchase, you should shop around.
  • In most cases, a new energy efficient appliance or product must be actually installed by the accredited business to be eligible for VEECs, even if the improvement is just the replacement of light globes or a shower rose.
  • Sometimes an energy consumer can receive an Energy Saver Incentive simply by purchasing an appliance, but in most cases a VEET activity will involve replacing an older product or appliance. When this happens, the accredited business will need to decommission (meaning render permanently unusable) the old appliance before they can create VEECs.

Which activities are covered?

There are now 17 categories of energy saving activities covered by the VEET scheme, including 6 specifically tailored to the business sector. These activities are listed below. For more details about which products feature on the public registers, visit the Product Register page on the VEET website. If you're interested in a product that is listed on the register, you will need to contact an accredited business directly to see what products they offer for installation.

  1. Water heating
  2. Space heating and cooling*
  3. Space conditioning*
  4. Incandescent lighting replacement
  5. Shower roses
  6. Refrigerators/freezers
  7. Televisions
  8. Clothes dryers
  9. Pool pumps
  10. Standby power controllers
  11. In-home displays
  12. Motors**
  13. Refrigerated Display Cabinets**
  14. Refrigeration fans**
  15. Commercial lighting upgrades**
  16. Efficient low flow trigger nozzles**
  17. Water efficient pre-rinse spray nozzles**

* A number of activities in this category are only available to residential premises
** These activities are only available to the business and non-residential sector

Remember, only products which are listed on the VEET product register can be used, regardless of which energy saving activity you are looking to undertake.

Comtest has the relevant accreditations to provide energy efficiency testing for a wide range of products, such as computers and monitors, lighting products, TVs and home entertainment equipment, power supplies and battery chargers, and many more. With our experience and expertise, we can help our customers to meet the various requirements for government authorities, industry associations, and manufacturers for the Australasian market.

More Acoustic Testing Options with Type 3.4 Artificial Ear

15 Oct 2014

Comtest is an industry expert providing assessment and accreditation services, and provides full capability for end-to-end testing and certification of cellular, analogue, digital and VoIP-based telephony products.

Comtest has recently obtained the Type 3.4 artificial ear for use with the HATS (Head and Torso Simulator) to perform sound quality measurements. This new ear gives us an expandable option in acoustic testing, and allows us to cover all areas of telephony audio requirements.

The two main artificial ears used for testing in the industry are the Type 3.4 artificial ear and the Type 3.3 artificial ear, and now we have both, designed specifically for the HATS!

For manufacturers and importers of telephony products requiring acoustic measurements, you can be sure we have all the options for compliance testing. This will ensure that your product will be assessed and certified in the minimum time, allowing you to put it on the market sooner.

Take a look at our Acoustic Testing page, or Contact Us for further information!