Service Areas

Service Areas

Comtest's telecommunications compliance testing, approvals and certification body services are unparalleled in Australia.

Comtest's technical expertise and insight into evolving rules and regulations helps our customers cut through regulatory complexity, and makes product compliance a breeze. Some of the ways we can help you include: Acting as an agent for international suppliers with Australian importers, consultancy regarding preparation of compliance folders, ongoing storage, maintenance and reviews of compliance folders, quality assurance assessments, and much much more.

Comtest has the relevant accreditations to provide energy efficiency testing for a wide range of products, such as computers and monitors, lighting products, TVs and home entertainment equipment, power supplies and battery chargers, and many more. With our experience and expertise, we can help our customers to meet the various requirement for government authorities, industry associations, and manufacturers for the Australasian market.

Comtest's years of experience in electrical safety testing and certification by our highly skilled, professional and adaptable laboratory team allows us to offer a complete range of testing and certification services for consumer electronics and appliance manufacturers, suppliers and importers.

Comtest are the experts when it comes to equipment calibration, we have been testing and calibrating equipment for over 25 years. Utilizing our high-precision calibration standards, in our temperature regulated laboratory environment, Comtest will calibrate your electronic equipment quickly and to a high level of accuracy.

Comtest offers a number of specialised services for companies requiring facilities, management, consultancy, lab rental (IHDs / SPCs only), and shielded room services. With our extensive range of precision equipment and the experience of our staff, we can help you find a solution to your problem in a straightforward and cost-effective manner.