Acoustic Testing

Acoustic Testing

Comtest has an international reputation for consistently providing high quality acoustic testing and certification of equipment to the appropriate telephony regulatory standards. We do this using our Head and Torso Simulator (HATS) which incorporates a Type 3.3 artificial ear, and we can now also provide the same testing using our new Type 3.4 artificial ear.

To ensure the latest handsets and headsets are tested to the appropriate telephony regulatory standards, Comtest performs the relevant voice performance and transmission quality audio testing. For manufacturers and importers of telephony products, the HATS will perform a range of tests, including acoustic shock by measuring the maximum Sound Pressure Level (SPL), send and receive frequency and loudness ratings, sidetone and distortion. This gives you the advantage of having accurate, certified results required for government and carrier approval.

Acoustic testing is performed on:

  • Cellular Phones
  • Analogue Phone Handsets
  • Digital Phone (such as ISDN and VoIP) Handsets
  • Telephone Headsets / Microphones / Headphones
  • Hearing Aid Compatibility

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The HATS (Head and Torso Simulator) Type 4128-D-002 is a mannequin with built-in mouth simulator and calibrated ear simulators (according to IEC 60318.4/ITU T Rec. P.57 Type 3.3) that provide realistic reproduction of the acoustic properties of an average adult human head and torso. It is ideal for performing in-situ electro-acoustic tests on, for example, telephone handsets (including mobile and cordless), headsets, audio conference devices, microphones, headphones, hearing aids and hearing protectors.

The HATS Type 4128-D-002 includes the Handset Positioner Type 4606 (shown below). With its pressure/force and position read-outs, the Handset Positioner allows for accurate, repeatable mounting of telephone handsets on the HATS in both standard and user-defined positions. This makes the HATS measurements very repeatable.